About the Mission

Welcome to the official Website of the Kenya High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria. The Mission was established in 1972 in Lagos and moved to Abuja in 2004. We are also accredited to the Republic of Benin, Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Republic of Ghana, Republic of Liberia, Republic of Sierra Leone and the Republic of Togo.
Our objective is to further strengthen economic, cultural and social cooperation between the Government and people of Kenya and the Governments and people of the countries of accreditation.
This site offers a snapshot on Kenya, information and relevant links for those seeking investment, trade and tourism opportunities.
All Kenyan Nationals and Foreign Nationals looking for information on consular or visa issues will find the answers to their questions from this site.
You are all invited to browse and explore the exciting and rich diversity that is Kenya through the various subject specific links. We welcome your questions, feedback, ideas or comments through “the contact us” link, e-mail or a visit to the High Commission. We trust that you will find the website useful, informative and enjoyable.